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• 11/27/2013

Fistful of Brains has premiered!

I know, it's late for that but next time I'll prepare for that. Fistful of Brains Has premiered!

Wich is your favorite part?

Do you like the Pnusian, Khyber's new pet/mascot?

This cool predator has as prey Ditto.

My favorite scenes was:

  • When Pnusian was hunting Ditto. (This part was really funny for me!)
  • When all the known predators surounded Ben.
  • When Astrodactyl appeared and talked.
  • When Ben was fighting with Albedo.
  • (And the last one) the face of Ben when he saw that Khyber and Albedo has Azmuth Captive.
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• 11/26/2013

LOL I love this episode!

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