Boon Doc Slug
Boon Docs are Light Slugs that has healing powers. A Ghouled Boon Doc is called Boon Death. Boon Docs can heal Ghouled Slugs and reverse the properties of Dark Water. Their protoform (slug looking form) has minor healing powers like ointment. They live in jungle caverns and way up in the canopy Eli owns one named Doc. They first appeared in The Slugout. Echoson has one to named Heal.


In their protoform, Boon Docs has one big eye, a small, greenish-blue skin with a big head. They have two antennas and in the middle of their body is light green. When they reach 100 miles per hour they their heads become bigger, their legs are longer and has toes, their hands become human like only green is bigger.


Has Healing powers.


  • Protoform Abilities - Minor healing properties, like an ointment.
  • Medici - hoots a healing ball of light that is absorbed by the slug or person it is shot at. Cures internal ailments.
  • HealSwarm - Emits a light around him that cures Ghoul Slugs.
  • Lightsheild - Small sparks form a protective wall or bubble like a force field to protect against toxins.

Best UseEdit

  • Curing Slugs, healing injured Slugs.


  • He is one of Echoson's favourite Slugs.