Bullfrag is an Incursean from an unknown planet.

Bullfrag OV
General Information
Species Incursean
Home World Unknown
DNA source None
Body Frog Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Jumping, strong, long tong, agile, fast and good fighter.
Equipment None
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance None


Bullfrag is a humanoid frog-like alien with 3-fingered hands and 2-toed feet. He is, however, considerably taller and more muscular than a typical Incursean, has a more defined jawline, and wears sunglasses. His skin is also paler than a normal Incursean. Bullfrag debuted wearing a typical black-and-purple Incursean uniform as a disguise, but he also has an outfit that adapts to Ben's clothes, like all of his transformations. In this outfit, Bullfrag's sunglasses are green, the bodysuit now has a green stripe down the middle, he now has fingerless black gloves and toeless black boots with green cuffs above them, and a green belt with a white buckle. The Omnitrix is in his tube.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Bullfrag has a long, sticky tongue, has powerful jumping abilities, and is very agile. Bullfrag's physique makes him stronger than an average Incursean. He has a helmet like the other Incurseans.


Bad smells makes him faint. He seems to be attracted to Attea, blaming on the DNA.





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