Chain Gang is A New Alien Of Vladimir.

Chain Gang
Chain Gang
General Information
Species LOL! These are Credits to Sonic-VS-Crash on DeviantArt


Home World Unknown
Body Humanid with chains
Powers and Abilities
Abilities extendig arms and legs, shoot powerful chains from his hands, Shapefit, Enhaced Strenght, Enhaced durability, Enhaced agility, Enhaced jumping


Look at The Picture, DUH!!

Power and AbilitiesEdit

He can extend his arms and legs, and shoot powerful chains from his hands.

Also he can shoot a Big Chain From His device that wears on his back.

He also Posess:

Enhaced Strenght:

He is able to trow Downgradenoid With ease using his Chains.

Enhaced Agility:

He is able to fast dogde Downgradenoid's Powerful blast.

Enhaced Durability

Enhaced Jumping


After shoting a Chain, it will take 2-3 seconds to take it back. In this time he is vulnerable.

Also after shoting a Chain and Mises, The enemy can drag him by draging his chain.


This is one of the most powerful aliens of Vladimir.

This alien was Unlocked by Vladimir 10.000.