Ditto is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Splixon from the planet Hathor.

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Ditto is about the height of an average human child. He has white skin, a black and white head, white face, along with black shoulders. Ditto’s hands are large with 4 digits and his feet are merely stubs. He has 3 fin-like growths on their head. Ditto also has gem-like orbs on his arms and 3 button-like gems on his waist. Ditto's clothes are black and have an overall-like design. Ditto wears the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead in the original series.

In Ultimate Alien, there is only a slight change in Ditto. The white section outlining the hourglass symbol across his chest and on his arms is now blue. Ditto wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest in Ultimate Alien.  

In Omniverse, 11 year-old Ditto's fins on his head are white and the ones on the side are connected to his eyes. He also has two small whiskers on each of his cheeks. His fingers are now sharper and the green orbs on his shoulders are gone. He has gems like the three on his waist on his shoulders and wrists. His neck is completely black. He also seems smaller and stubbier. The feet of his suit also cut off to reveal 3 cat-like toes on each foot. 16 year old Ditto looks similar to his 11 year old self, except he has green fins rather than white, and his jumpsuit is now green with black patches under his arms, green sleeves, and black ankles. This jumpsuit also seems to have a design based on the Omnitrix symbol with black triangles on the shoulders and green in the center. The three gems on his waist are now on a black belt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ditto has the ability to clone himself with no limit.

Every Ditto operates independently, regardless of what the others wants them to do and each clone is indistinguishable from the others.

The raised green bumps on Ditto's body are sensor nodes, which help create a sensory web around the Ditto clones. This sensory web allows the clones to share in senses and physical sensations. Ditto is more flexible than a normal human.

Ditto can breathe underwater.


If one clone gets hurt, the rest does too. If one dies, the rest also dies. Ditto is also not fast or strong.


In The Echo Team Begins, a Ditto said "hi" to Echo Echo.

In Store 23, Swamps change into Ditto to find Echo Echo in Dimension 23.

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