Frightgiest Spooker Slug
Frightgeist is a Rare Slug Frightgeist is a Slug that can only be find in the Dead Weeds Cavern. Their powers involves scaring. Frightgeist is one of the most scariest Slugs in SlugTerra. A Ghouled Frightgeist is called a Nightgeist. They debuted in Deadweed. Eli Shane has one named Spooker. They mostly have fear related moves.


n its protoform, they have a big head, a rib-like pattern on its stomach. They are aqua green like Boon Doc .They have a white patch on top its head, part of its face is white, has big bulging eyes and two aqua green antennas on its head. Like all Slugs they have small hands and legs. When they hit 100 mph, its face looks like a skull, with red and yellow eyes.Its tongue is longer and it have rotten teeth. Their body looks stronger, has greenish claws, they have tails and yellowish spikes. They also have a white stripe on their chest.


  • Protoform Abilities - Makes you feel creeped out, can be an early warning system of approaching danger.
  • Frightningrod - Hits an opponent causing an overwhelming an uncontrollable fright response.
  • SlugBane - creating the illusion of a monstrous Slug predator scaring an opponent's Slugs. Panicked ammo is hard to control.
  • Mysteria - Ghost mode can penetrate walls.
  • Spellaport - Creates portals in the air that can reroute fire Slugs and attacks.
  • Ectoplasm - Ghostly Ectoplasm energy used at slashing arms.
  • Ghosthroud - Bits of ectoplasm break of and turn into swirling ecto - beings that acts like a shield.

Best UseEdit

  • Scaring Slugs and opponents.