Lucy Mann is a Sludgepuppy.

Lucy Mann
16 Year Old Lucy
General Information
Species Sludgepuppy
Home World Earth
Body Anything
Powers and Abilities


In the Original Series, Lucy has long blonde hair with blue eyes. She is shown wearing a black sleeveless shirt  with a star on it, along with a red skirt. She also has two distinct whisker marks on her face. Her 10-year old Sludgepuppy form is not shown.  In Omniverse, her 11 year old version she looks the same for the most part, with a few changes. The whisker like marks on her face are gone, with freckles taking their place. Her eyes have changed color, becoming purple. She started develop breasts now has A+cup. Her 16 year old version She now wears a sleeved dress, with a red collar, a star on the chest area, and wears red lipstick in her older form.  She also has two different Sludgepuppy forms. Her more natural one, lacking legs with larger head tendrils and less human facial features, and her humanoid form, which is smaller, has legs, and a more human like face with mud flowing around her head, resembling hair.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

  • Stretching: They can stretch and use their stretching to shapeshift body parts. If they stretch too far, it might result in the part falling off. They can detach their body parts, and stick them back on, reattaching them.
  • Shapeshifting: Sludgepuppies can shapeshift their body parts, and sometimes themselves into other objects. Using slime, they can look like another shape made of purple sludge.
  • Regeneration: Combining the previous two abilities ends up in regeneration.
  • Blob: They are blob-like. A person can jump through them, only to be covered with slime. Their goo is sticky, which gives them new abilities like wall climbing.
  • Sludge Blast: They can blast amounts of sludge, for that's what they're made of. Like the previous power, their goo is sticky and can stick people and objects to other things. Their sludge is like glue.


Sludges can be harmed by water, fire or by scattering enough of their body matter to the point where they cannot reconstitute (e.g. when Max set a Plumber gun to overload and stuck it in the body of one of the Sludges where it exploded).

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