XLR8 is a Keicerlian from the planet Kinet.

XLR8 Young
General Information
Species Kicerlian
Home World Kinet
DNA source None
Body Lizard Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fastq
Equipment Visor
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance None


XLR8 resembles a semi-armored velociraptor. He has black balls on his feet and wears a helmet with a visor, leaving the other features of his head unknown. Whenever the visor does come up, one can see that he has a blue face, green eyes, and black lips and stripes. He wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix  symbol on his chest. He has 5 blue stripes on his tail. In Omniverse, 16-year-old Ben's appearance is the same as Ultimate Alien, but taller, and wears a green shirt like Diamondhead and Feedback's, has 4 blue stripes on his tail, and is more muscular. His helmet is longer in the back and the chin is pointed. His claws are also longer and his whole neck is green. His visor is darker. 11 year old Ben Tennyson in Omniverse looks exactly same as in the Ultimate Alien intro, except the Omnitrix symbol is green, he is shorter, and his neck is white.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

XLR8 is extremely fast and has a visor. He can type in the padlock to access all codes in seconds.


XLR8's speed does not always work on all surfaces, like ice or strong adhesives, which slow him down. Revealed in Rules Of Engagement, XLR8's tail can be held down to keep him in place.





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